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Bluetooth Speakers and Multi-Room Audio on a Budget

Bluetooth Speakers and Multi-Room Audio on a Budget

How easy can it be to stream music over WIFI? With a little help from google we have made it easier. Digital Life bluetooth speakers come supplied with  Google Chromecast Audio. Featuring a total of 120W Peak power handling, 60W RMS combined.

Installation and set up is a breeze. We have adaptor kits and small baluns that allow you to run a cat5e cable to the bluetooth speakers for the DC power. We also have cat5e to 3.5mm audio adaptor balun for the Chromecast Audio. This makes it easy to install the bluetooth speakers in the ceiling, whilst leaving the active equipment such as the power supply and Chromecast Audio down next the customers equipment for ease of maintenance.

When you combine multiple rooms, with multiple sets of blue tooth speakers, and multiple sets Chromecast Audio, you get muti-room audio features. All very easy to controll from your phone, laptop, or tablet. Multiroom audio lets you combine sets of speakers, create zones. There's no expensive software set up or licences. You can stream from any Google Chromecast Audio compatible app. Such as Spotify, tuned in radio and many more. You don't need to be an Android user, apple has Chromecast Audio compatible apps too.

With the added features of bluetooth, the Digital Life in ceiling speakers provide the option of letting your friends connect when they come to visit. Chromecast Audio also feature a guest PIN set up, so when your friends visit they can also connect to your WIFI and stream music via WIFI.