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  • RG6 Coaxial Connector - BNC Crimp Connector for RG6 Quad shield Coaxial Cable. Crimp the connector over the end to terminate it directly into a BNC termination. Especially useful in CCTV systems and antenna distribution systems using BNC twist lock joints. Digital Life® premium connectors and adapters have the solution for you!

  • F-Type RG6 crimp connector for coaxial antenna cable. RG6 coaxial connector suitable for Satellite and Terrestrial television and radio signals using RG6 quad shield coaxial cable. Crimp your connections into F-Type screw style terminations for a quick and reliable finish to your installation.

  • RG6 Coaxial Pal Female crimp type connector, suitable for Satellite and terrestrial TV antenna distribution. Crimp your RG6 coaxial cable connections directly with a PAL Female Crimp Connector for a professional PAL (Belling-Lee) termination. 

  • Pal Male crimp connector for RG6 quad shield coaxial cable, suitable for Satellite or Terrestrial radio and television signals. Crimp your RG6 connections directly into PAL (Belling-Lee), for a professional termination. Great for TV fly-leads and terminations requiring PAL connections.

Showing 1 - 4 of 4 items