2 Input Multiswitch 4 Output

2 Input Multiswitch 4 Output

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Product Code : AMS2-4

Max LNB Current (mA)
Insertion Loss Ter. (dB)
15 - 18
Gain (dB)
Frequency Sat (MHz)
90 - 2150
Frequency FTA (MHz)
5 - 862


We use the AMS2-4 2 Input Multiswitch 4 Output for satellite TV to allow both polarities Horizontal/Vertical, to be viewed without interruption by other satellite decoders in your system. Your satellite decoder outputs both 14vDC and 18vDC to select each voltage/polarity. If multiple decoders are selecting different voltages then you can't select your desired channel. Therefore feeding both polarities from your dish using a twin output LNBF into a multiswitch, allows each decoder to select each voltage independent.

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